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October 04, 2009


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Guys dont fight with all these clueless pelpoe, just let them express their underdeveloped minds. This is how we determine the Strong from the weak. The weak open their mouth too much to scare the strong. Silva is a great fighter, ive seen him all the time, i train at his gym, he truly is great, but just like any other great fighters, injuries happen and you get beat. This stuff is normal, and those pelpoe who think they know this shit cuz they watch UFC are out of their minds Stupid. IQ= -00


You win the award for dumbest cemomnt on Youtube. And even if you were right and Randy was able to put Machida on his ass, (which was a possibility) you'd still get that award. Saying that Machida's Karate is only successful because he trains with Anderson. WTF?


Pendejo salimos de la cuna del mundo afirca idiotay mi abuelo el historiador garifuna don beto mejia tiene pergaminos en los cuales confirma, asegura y comprueba que en el af1o 1490-1521 los hijos de puta de europa fuero hacia afirca para reclutar trabajadores fuertes altos y grandes para poder hacer sus imbacion mierda que vinieron a hacerle a los indios mayas en la cual una gran cantidad se quedo dominando el caribe desde los huecos de puerto rico hasta brazil.

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