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November 05, 2009


UFC Notes

I think Fedor wins via submission quick in the 1sr round over Rogers. I think Rogers' only chance of winning is landing a huge knockout blow (like Henderson did at UFC 100). But I just dont see that happening. Fedor is way too skilled and will take this to the ground and will win quickly.


Fedor's a tough cookie, the good money's on him

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i have to laugh.

no fight against a real competitor in 5 years?

Arlovski was universally ranked top 5 when Fedor knocked him out, he was scheduled to fight another top 5 heavyweight in Barnett. Sylvia was certainly top 10, maybe top 5 before Fedor destroyed him.

who exactly was Fedor supposed to fight in that time period? the only UFC heavy I would have ranked higher than Sylvia or Arlovski at the time Fedor fought them would be Nog, who is already 0-2 vs Fedor.

Rogers is ranked 6th in a fair few places, though Barnett’s suspension would move Brett up to 5th.

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