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March 15, 2011


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Finally, the recipe called for instant yeast and had multiple rises? Totally wacky. Instant yeast is supposed to be used for one-rise breads. Maybe try again with active dry yeast. The steps of the recipes read fine for using that.

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Finally, the recipe called for instant yeast and had multiple rises?

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Finally, the recipe called for instant yeast and had multiple rises?

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Also, it says peel and grate the ginger. I'd recommend dicing the ginger rather than grating.**

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Also, it says peel and grate the ginger. I'd recommend dicing the ginger rather than grating.**

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The meal in the picture looks delicious. It is the type of dish that you would pay a good sum of money to order at a restaurant, but by following this recipe you can prepare it for a much cheaper price at home. The benefit of this is that you know what you are putting in the recipe and this article also provides the nutritional information, which many fitness conscious people want to know. For a dish including meat, it is prepared in very little time and the number of plates served cater for the average family size. Obviously, this can be adjusted proportionately upwards or downwards.


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