Artistes dazzle in song and dance at Day Two of Kalidas

NAGPUR: Day two of the ongoing music festival turned out to be a feast for eyes and ears for music and dance buffs. The two performances of Bharat Natayam and classical vocal showcased top of the line talents of the country and also brought to fore the innovative performances designed by these artists.

The evening began with a scintillating Bharat Natayam presentation by Devyani Padmashree who hails from France but has mastered the South Indian classical dance form. Making an auspicious beginning with chanting of some of the names of goddess Durga, Devyani opened her act ‘Bho shombho shiva shambo swayambho’, a composition by Dayanand Saraswati in raga Revati and with Adi taal beats. In her next performance Devyani presented mudras followed by Nav rasas through which she presented nine different moods which she personated as goddess Devi. Taking the stage from her was Arupa Lahiri who with her dance moves and expressions narrated the story of Shakuntala. The performance was a show stealer as Lahiri mesmerized with her graceful moves.

Devyani returned with a Padma in raga Attana where she showed her devotion for Lord Shiva. Her concluding dance was a prayer in Sanskrit for which she has won an award at the international choreography festival in Switzerland.

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A packed to capacity auditorium greeted Kaushiki Chakrabarti in the second half of the evening as she took the stage with her ensemble group named Sakhi. The six members of the troupe represented the young yet finest names in flute, tabla, violin, pakhawaj and vocals- Debopriya Chatterjee, Savani Talwalkar Nandini Shankar, Mahima Upadhyay and for the first time with Sakhi Anupama Bhave on sitar, who are carrying forward the rich legacy of their family and their guru. Performing on the musical renditions was Bhakti Deshpande with her classical dance moves.

Keeping up with the theme of the festival this year which is inner voice of women, Sakhi presented the journey of woman from the Vedic period to modern day. Charting the course with vocal, instrumental and dance recitals, the group brought to fore the trials and travails of womanhood from the sufferings of Draupadi, to female foeticide, worship of rivers as mother yet her treatment as an object to be sold and bought.

Kaushiki used various classical forms and genres for the narrative starting with an invocation she rendered a taraana in raga Shyam Kalyan and surprised the audience with a Carnatic rendition ‘Aumma Anand Dayani’ which spoke of the era when women were not allowed to chant the word Om. A ‘hori’ presented by Kaushiki in her silken voice was enhanced by the accompanying dance performance by Deshpande. The percussion duet by Savani Talwalkar on tabla and Mahima Upadhya on pakhawaj drew repeated applause.

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