Car-o-bar at Panchkula parking lots at night

PANCHKULA: As the daylight dims, several parking lots in turn into bars. Residents hesitate to go near these lots, which have reported various incidents of brawls in the past.

A TOI team that went for a reality check on Monday night found no presence of police force at markets. At 8.45pm, Sector 8 parking lot was full of cars and people had made the bonnets as bar-tables. Car-o-bar was also going on in every vehicle parked in front of a .

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A group of men had kept liquor bottles on the bonnet along with food items. They had alcohol without any fear of law for over two hours. They were talking in loud and abusive language, spoiling the environment for passers-by.

One of the passers-by, a resident of Sector 8, said,