Define street as per vendors law, Centre, UT told

CHANDIGARH: What is the definition of street under the street vendors act? Does a street include footpath, parking space and can street vendors be allowed to sit at these places under the ? The has issued a notice to Centre and UT administration after taking suo motu notice of this issue and directed the authorities to file a reply by January 18. Justice Amit Rawal had taken up this issue and had sent this matter to the Chief Justice Krishna Murari.

Earlier, during the hearing the HC had pointed out the nexus between police officials and street vendors. The Punjab and Haryana high court had also directed Chandigarh administration and UT DGP to remove all encroachments and street vendors on city footpaths and parking places. The court had earlier observed that footpaths were meant for walking and parking zones were meant for parking and not for street vendors.

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During a resumed hearing of the case related to street vendors encroaching upon footpaths and parking areas, UT had stated in the high court that it had given an assurance in the HC that till the time proper vending zones are not allocated under the street vending act, they won‘t be removed. To this, Justice Amit Rawal had expressed his dissatisfaction and said that this arguments could not be digested that under the street vending act how come vendors could be allotted space at footpaths and parking zones?

The high court had also pointed out that how come this assurance and arguments be given to the vendors and even the HC. The latter had observed that even in street vending act how can footpaths and parking space be allotted as these are meant for walking and parking and not for business purposes.

The court expressed its dissatisfaction over the definition given by UT to street vending under the street vending act. The HC pointed out that how come footpaths and parking zones could be called streets. The HC also had made a satirical remark and said that if footpaths and parking zones could be streets then UT should also include parks under the street vending act and allow street vendors there. Also street vendors should be then allowed to sit outside HC and even outside our houses as well, it added.

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